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    hi there! welcome to my little piece of the web. i consider this website as a repository of my own works, whether it takes the form of writing, audio, visual or the physical!
this website is divided mainly into two sections: [projects] and [fun]!
    [projects] is where i document all my projects that ive done as my art practice. my art practice mainly revolves around memory and everything that branches from it. i do everything from making downloadable max msp patches to performing with my own creations. i have yet to document all of my work, but i hope that you enjoy it!
    meanwhile, [fun] is more of my own personal space, where ill put random links, ramblings, and other such things into! consider it the more personal aspect of this blog in comparison to my works!

        made with love,


22 / 09 / 21
Revamped the works page!

12 / 09 / 21
Added the about page + some cleaning up!

08 / 09 / 21
Revamped the front page, added new links...still have to clean up stuff!

06 / 09 / 21
Im kinda fixating on this site if you couldn't tell. Also, I might as well use this section to talk about my to-do list:
- Mobile friendly gif resizing (I want to add gifs to my site, so I want to keep the aesthetic the same on mobile! Is it possible to capture the broken, weirdness of desktop sites on mobile? I think so! Just requires a lot of....resizing and minimum sizes)
- Buttons from other sites (I love browsing other peoples sites as inspiration!!!)
- Make a "Fun" page! (I want to add fun little scripts that I find over the webs here!)
- Misc. features (Page counter, more decorations, cleaning up my work documentation pages for easier navigation and reading...)

05 / 09 / 21
Major overhaul of website! I've tried to make this website look more friendly and aesthetically pleasing to my own eye! As a note, most work pages are still under construction, but the bare minimum is still there! This website is barely mobile friendly so please be patient!!!

08 / 11 / 20
Site was created!

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