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"MERVAMP is about a day in Luce’s life as a mermaid and NOT about the vampires that are ever present around her. A fulfilling fish life with NO interference. Salmon drama, luring humans, and munching on herring are the norm here."

What is Mervamp?

A now defunct quest that I started but never finished. It was inspired by and also took aspects from a fellow mutual's quest at the time, Trashy Vampire Romance Novel by FRACTAL.

Taken elements at the time of making Mervamp mainly consisted of TVRN's vampire lore and how vampires worked in-universe, therefore you may consider this a part of the TVRN universe with an add-on of mermaids. However, I now consider this world as seperate from TVRN. It has some similarities but does not entirely follow said world's rules.

Please read Trashy Vampire Romance Novel and also give Ira's other work a look!

Aside from that, Mervamp takes place on the Pacific West Coast and follows a mermaid named Luce. In this world, mermaids and vampires exist, and also have their own hazing customs that utilize one another. These hazings revolve around the fact that vampires drop like a rock in water, and if thrown into the deep end, are unable to make it back up. Mermaids find it fun to tempt vampires to their demise, and vampires find it fun to kill a mermaid to prove one's worth in a group.

Luce and Cami both meet up at the perfect place and at the right time; Luce being frustrated at her own pod for slowly trying to kick her out, and Cami only trying to accomplish a hazing goal. The two eventually become an unlikely pair...

What is this format?

Quests are essentially narratives or stories that work from suggestions that come from suggestors (people who comment on the thread).

Questden explains further in their FAQ section:

"A Quest is a type of roleplaying game done over the internet. One person runs the quest, creating the world and its inhabitants, as well as a protagonist. Everyone else tells this protagonist what to do, and then the one running the Quest lets their actions play out."

What now?

The dream is to make it less of a quest and more of a webcomic. I basically consider it as a webcomic already in my head! I adore these characters, so it would be nice to just do updates again.

What sucks is that I most likely do not have the original files of the quest anymore, but I'd be willing to redraw them if it meant properly writing out the plot that I had for these two! Who knows!



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