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No-Skip Albums

No-skip albums are albums (as well as EPs) that I consider listening to the entire album as an experience in and within itself. It is also an album that, for me, hits every checkmark for every song that is within it. I do not feel compelled to skip any song because all of it fit a satisfying niche in my brain! It's such a rarity for me to find every song within an album absolutely listenable at any time. Sometimes some songs are just skips and that's okay!

The listed albums below also serve as a future vinyl purchase list far I have several of them in my possession, which will have a star (★) listed beside the album I have a physical record of, either in vinyl or in CD if I can't get it in vinyl.

This page will occassionally be updated with more albums as I remember them or listen to them!

Get to Heaven (Deluxe) - Everything Everything

I think this is one of my more longer albums that I have on here, which I am surprised with because it's not usually the case where I am able to not skip a song within an album. I especially love the instruments used during this album and especially the lead singers vocal quality. It feels very wavery and screechy at times but it's so fun to listen to. The harmonies in this are also very brain satisfying to me, the songs being in the good middle of noise-filled but not complete noise.

Pang - Caroline Polachek

Pang is one of those albums that I have great satisfaction in listening to every different sound that runs throught the album. I also just enjoy the continuing narrative of love that runs through the entire album, where the first part of the album deals with the lead up to a heartbreak, and the second half leads up to an intense love and joy coming back. It's a very cyclical album!

Desire, I Want To Turn Into You - Caroline Polachek

I literally have so many words for this album and also just a complete lack of words in order to describe it. Genuinely one of the top albums of this year, as it literally encapsulates all that Caroline has been working on throughout her sound journey. At first, I was worried that her newer music, from the singles that she released, would be not to my taste because they are more processed than her previous work. But no, this album actually takes me back to her Moth Chairlift days? It's just like an upgraded version of it and wow, I think if you love pop you absolutely need to hear this album! It's mandatory pop listening!

Chronologic - Caravan Palace (NEW!)

I recently fell back into listening to this album with no-skipping and I am in shock about how well this album holds up after it's release in 2019! It gives such a good scratch to the brain itch of noises needed, and it's pretty easy listening honestly! An overall fun and bright album that expands their use of samples and their very iconic vocals. Less electro-swing than their robot album, but the musical identity is still there!

Robot - Caravan Palace (NEW!)

You just had to be there when Lone Digger first came out. Jokes aside, this album really embodies the electro-swing era that 2015 kinda had, now that I think back on it! This is a solid album with a solid set of songs that just brings up the mood! Also this makes for really good car music to just put on and not think about skipping either.

Essentials - Erika de Casier (NEW!)

An incredible 90s-esque R&B album that is sensual, soft and moving. This album is when you want to have a day all to yourself under the moonlight and with a bunch of nice smelling candles. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a chill-out album that focuses on relationships and love.

What Chaos Is Imaginary - Girlpool (NEW!)

My comfort album. I feel like this is peak Girlpool, and knowing that one of the singers is also a trans guy brings this album closer to my heart. This album not only is beautiful with their soft vocals against picky guitars and drums, but it also serves for me something to look forward to. Listen for the great guitar, stay for the powerful lyrics.

The Listening - Lights ★

My first ever CD was for this album. Literally the most perfect album out there, if I am able to call anything perfect. It holds a lot of special memories for me, as well as having such a classic dreamy synth pop sound that molded my tastes for the rest of my life. Lights' voice is also in the same key as mine, so that was another reason why baby me absolutely loved this album. I know every single lyric to every single song as well as I am able to sing the entire album in one go. There is no other album like this. If you need some uplifting synth-pop, I highly recommend this album. Lights has grown as an artist and her sound has definitely matured since this album, but I think it still keeps a small part of The Listening with it.

Blue Rev - Alvvays ★

The ultimate culmination of Alvvays sounds. It has the whole spectrum and it is such a refined version of their previous albums, all of which I adored. It's like they put all their sound in a blender and made an amazing smoothie. I simply love this album and listen through it all because it all fits coherently with each other. Simple!

Diamond Destroyer of Death - Roar

No words for this album. It is meant to be listened through. Roar literally hit a homerun with this album. Every song relates to another song on the album, which makes my brain explode in 100 ways. I have this habit where when I listen to songs I tend to hum other songs that are in the same key or have the same melody because they are similar, so the fact that this album works off the concept of various motifs is so very satisfying to me!

Cape God - Allie X

I feel like Cape God embodies everything that I love in pop. The soft quality of her voice plus the various instruments she uses in this particular album are just my ultimate favourites. I don't really have much else to add other than I love its cool and muted quality! A stellar album with amazing synths and drum kits.

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