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Witchy Practice

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In an attempt to flesh out all of my different interests, I've decided to dedicate an entire section to my witchy practice as well as my spirituality! I wouldn't really call it exactly an interest in that I only engage with it when desired, but instead a practice where I dedicate a consistent portion of my life to. It also is the basis of my own personal identity and how I choose to navigate the world, so I guess that really expands itself from just an 'interest' to me!

As a note, this section will change very often, and some topics below will often be marked as ‘old’ when it doesn’t currently apply to my life or practice anymore! Thread carefully!

I consider myself a hellenistic witch, alongside being a green witch. My practice is centered on a couple of key areas: the land that I currently live on, astrology and being a hellenist.

For the first portion, I find most of my strength in a reciprocal relationship with the land I am situated on and re-wilding spaces with native plants. The way this looks for me involves paying attention to the local birds that live around me, creating a balcony garden with more native plants than not, by providing food and water sources on said balcony, and by generally slowing down and paying attention to the world that surrounds me. It fills me with such excitement to notice something that I haven't considered before, and it's by following the progression of seasons in my area that I decide what to do when.

For the second portion, I care for astrology quite a lot. I have already written up a section about astrology in relation to birth charts, but I also apply tenents of astrology to my witchy practice as well. I believe that each sign has an important lesson to teach about oneself as well as each planet. I also enjoy the various ways to categorize each sign, such as by modality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and by element (Water, Fire, Air, Earth). If I am strictly thinking about astrology in my witchy practice, it can be seen in the dedicated shrine I made for Water and all it provides us. It can also be seen in my celebrating of certain Solar events such as the Solstices and Equinoxes, which also mark the beginning of the Cardinal signs. (Did you know that Cancer is a Cardinal sign and begins on the Summer Solstice?)

Lastly, my worship of Greek gods also shows up a lot in how I conduct certain rituals and spells. I often ask for their aid, especially the ones I’ve been building a relationship with, in spells or just in asking for backup. Aside from that, I also worship them and make offerings to them to the physical altars I’ve put up.

Tools I mainly use in my practice include:

I hope to expand on the many aspects of my practice here, and while I am in no way someone who can say how to do what in terms of witchcraft, I hope that my writings help inspire or bring more insight into the very large world of witchcraft. I always find reading about other people's practices enjoyable and a very thoughtful experience, and to think I could bring that to someone else is very exciting to me!

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