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Hey there! Call me Rana or Luis, whichever you desire! I'm a 23 year old bnnuy-creature who somehow has enough time in his hands to keep up with many projects and interests! I am a latino bi trans-man and I am referred to with he / him pronouns. Lastly, I am happily engaged with my long-time best friend that I met online. I've updated this section many times, but I never seem to get it right! Consider it a fun hobby to look back on this section from time to time.

Why did I make this site? Well, originally this site held my art portfolio. It was a pretty barren site with no CSS and hardly any HTML, but I preferred it over putting my works in other websites! Then I slowly tinkered on the site and transformed it to a place where I wanted to inject my own thoughts into. I now consider this website as a place where I can document both my projects and where I can stretch around in my personal playground. Because why not?

A black and white drawing of an anthro bunny-fox with short dark hair with comfortable, warm clothing such as a flannel overlaid with a sweater and a pair of jeans. He has a pair of wings, a long tail and bunny ears.
Self-portrait of me! Just get a load of this guy!

I kinda love a lot of things, but listing out everything that I love will never really be accurate at any point in time, no matter how I try! I can say that I enjoy music, from noise to mainstream pop, however no metal. Romance comedies and lighthearted movies are my favourite, meanwhile my taste in tv shows range from slice of life to serious dramas. Shounen and slice of life anime dominate my life, and I can't even begin with videogames. Though my favourite video games tend to veer towards multiplayer, domestic games and rogue-likes. One day I'll make a list of my absolute top favourite games, so this section will hopefully be less hand-wavy!

If youd like to contact me, feel free to head to the contact page and send me a line! ^_^

Here are some fun quick facts about me!

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