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Personal Christmas Playlist

Never in a million years did I think I would be making a Christmas playlist, but starting from last year, I realized that I have actually started collecting Christmas music. I am not one of those super Christmas type people, but I am a person who enjoys festive moods and who uses December as a time for looking back into the past and consider how the year has went. I even do a small ritual specifically on December 21st because that is typically the time that it is Capricorn season, which is personally very important to me. It is also the Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year, which is very special to me meaning wise. (I will write about my personal connotations with the signs during the year + my witchy practice another time).

December for me typically involves celebrating Christmas, which in my family was a big deal until more recently. It also involves celebrating New Years, which I consider as the most important 'holiday' for me. Not to mention that Christmas music is so unique in it's sound! It's kinda cool how there is just a spcific musical motif for Christmas built over decades!

Lastly, this playlist was also made with trying to avoid corporate Christmas in mind. Having already worked in a job for half a decade or so which required me to set up and tear down corporate Christmas parties every year, I am already numb to all Christmas music. It's especially bad in retail too, and so I am so understanding of people who are just sick of it. Though this playlist isn't wholely avoidant, it at least has non-annoying Christmas songs. (I could make a whole other list of the worst Christmas songs for me to hear!) The playlist vibe is overall very relaxed and soft, with only the occassional more upbeat song, but otherwise this is more of a sitting next to a campfire mood than a hardcore Christmas Party for a corporation.

"the ultimate christmas-y playlist 2022"

Always Christmas - Steady Holiday

I absolutely love Steady Holiday and I wish I had more chances to showcase her work, so here she is again with two songs on this playlist. This is actually one of the first Christmas songs that made me realize that I actually do enjoy Christmas music! I love this song's bridge especially, especially the bit where she sings about how in the summertime she still thinks about Christmas. The concept of it always being Christmas in her mind is just such an amazing visual. An overall very relaxing album that makes you wistful!

Christmas Time is Here - Steady Holiday

I just realized there's two covers of Christmas Time is Here on this playlist, but I think this song just makes the best covers ever? It's one of the most cozy Christmas song out there, and Steady Holiday's vocals just deliver one of the most soothing of covers for it. The instrumentals also fit the entire vibe nicely, and it really makes me want to stay in all day and wrap some presents. Yes, Christmas Time IS here!

Whoville - Tyler, The Creator

Alongside my love for Steady Holiday, I actually have such a big appreciation and love for Tyler, The Creator's work. These next few songs up to the Grinch song are off an EP that is inspired by the most recent iteration of The Grinch movie. It's literally crazy how most of his sounds come through in this album, and if you listen to Flower Boy (I believe that was the last album he did before this), the synths and sound bytes used in that album carried over to this EP. It's actually amazing to see where he is headed with his sound and this song especially shows his range in making amazing little worlds through music. An absolutely fantastic little instrumental that really invokes a whole Christmas town.

Hot Chocolate - Tyler, The Creator

If I absolutely had to choose a favourite off this inspired EP, it'd be Hot Chocolate. It's forever a new classic for Christmas to me, just with how simply complex it is. (Am I allowed to say that?) The way that this song is layered, from the small xylophone, to the brush on the drum head, to the more modern drum beat and synths that run through the entire song...I am not sure how to even describe why I love this song more than I already have. My favourite lyric from this is "It gets cold in the winter / cold in the winter time".

Big Bag - Tyler, The Creator

A more lyrical heavy song, but I literally love how Tyler structures his lyrics and the entire rap just goes all the way through the song and you never tire of it. There is more forward motion in this song compared to the others, and maybe some naysayers out there would say that rap wouldn't fit in a Christmas genre, but Tyler definitely kept the entire vibe the entire way through! Also, this makes such a great Grinch centered song. This man is making me want to rewatch the original Grinch movie, what?!

Cindy Lou's Wish - Tyler, The Creator

Another instrumental! This one focuses on Cindy Lou, and it's just an overall upbeat, jovial Christmas tune in Tyler's own music style. It's even a little funky too, with a more organ-y sound to it!

When The Gloves Come Off - Tyler, The Creator

More on the end of Hot Chocolate, but this time it is with much more drawn out, harmonious vocals from Ryan Beatty. It sounds more like a soundscape more than anything, even with the lyrics! This song also has a very strong jazz component to it, which is one of my favourite genres to get lost in.

I Am the Grinch - Tyler, The Creator

The song that made me go "I didn't realize I wanted Tyler, The Creator to make music for the new Grinch movie, but I actually love it". Side note, but I think everyone should listen to the songs that Tyler made for the movie, including this one. I think Tyler deserves to be the actual Grinch in the movie, and the thing is I haven't even watched that movie! But I think he'd make for a good Grinch only because this song just embodies the full of himself-ness and the anti-Christmas vibe of the Grinch, even when sounding so Christmas-y! This song isn't as well known as the other song that Tyler made, which is a cover of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch. I'll even add that song below here, fuck it! It doesn't get a place in my Christmas playlist because it's less Christmas chill vibe and more of a pop song! It just makes me laugh every time in a good way though! It's not a surprise that the song below got more air time and listens than the song I put in my playlist because of it's very pop nature, but I'm not really mad. They're both great! They just occupy different worlds.

My Favorite Things - The Supremes

An absolute classic, need I say more? I love how The Supremes sound here, and just how wonderous they make this song sound. It feels like I'm waltzing around endlessly! The girls absolutely knocked it out the park with this one! Such an earworm!

snowy night - Billie

The song that reinvigorated my love for Christmas music this year, especially jazzy music. The chord progression in this song is so satisfying and so smooth. Their voices on this track also are phenominal, and I always find myself humming this song to myself whenever I'm doing some mundane work. As they say in this track, "Where are you Christmas"?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers' wonderful rendition of a classic! It reminds me of laying in a boat in the middle of the ocean. Very calming and very heartwarming. This is one of the few Christmas classics that I love the lyrics of!

Christmas Time is Here - Khruangbin

An amazing RnB and soul rendition of another classic! It's a very chill jam song, with amazing guitar work and drum work by the artists! If you want a funky instrumental of Christmas Time is Here, this is your song!

two queens in a king sized bed - girl in red

I've only recently discovered this song, but I absolutely love original Christmas related songs! And I think this one is one of the most love-filled ones, filled with so much hope and a strong spirit. The lyrics are just amazing, detailling the love and care between two women specifically and their determination to stay with one another. The chorus in this song is very powerful too, the sound quality filling up the entire space of the song. "I'll kiss you anyways / on Christmas Day" is such a powerful lyric within this song.

I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun - Beach House

A more recent song I've come across which has a more melancholy and subdued tone to it's lyrics, but underneath it all the song feels very appreciative? The description of winter's darkest nights and shortest days really stood out to me, and it is why I feel very connected to this song as a whole. By the end of the song, it feels as if it emphasizes the closeness between people especially by being near a fire and the simplicity of that. It's not all about extravagance.

Cozy Sweater - Louie Zong

I am absolutely in love with how Louie Zong composes music, and especially his guitar work. This song perfectly captures the Christmas feeling and especially the coziness of it all. A sweet little instrumental that almost lulls you to a peaceful slumber is how I'd describe it. So relaxing, compared to how the season usually is whenever you go outside to do anything.


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