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name: rana or linda
age: 21
pronouns: he / him
relationship status: taken <3
occupation: uni student
cancer asc / cancer sun / pisces moon

Hey there! im the webmaster of this site! im just a student with a lot of time on his hands xP. im based in vancouver, canada , and if you think this will be a fancy about im sorry that it wont be the case. note: if you want to see my "serious" artist statement just scroll below :3

Why did i make this site? well, originally this held my art portfolio. then it slowly transformed to a place where i want to inject my own thoughts into. so now its like a place where i can document my projects + personal playground. because why not?

Anyways, i kinda love a lot of things, but listing out everything that i love will never really be accurate, no matter how i try! (got bad memory ^_^") i can say that i enjoy music (noise to mainstream pop, no metal plz), movies (anything that isnt horror), tv shows (if you like gilmore girls or girl from nowhere lets chat!), anime (hq!, jjba, saiki k, bleach, naruto...etc.), and lots of video games (i cannot even begin to specify).

if youd like to contact me, feel free to head to the contact page and send me a line ^_^

Colrana is a multimedia artist who works predominantly with memory, play and systems. He employs multiple mediums including video, sound, programming and performance in his work. His interests lie in mapping, revisiting, and recontextualizing his memory, and the surrounding memories that overlap with his own.

fun facts.

fav colours
yellow, blue, red

fav drinks
ginger ale, apple juice, water

fav foods
ceviche, enchiladas, pupusas, anything with potatoes

fav animals
bees, hummingbirds, cats

gardening, watching media, creating art, crocheting, enjoying music, biking, cooking

rhythm games, brass instruments, astrology, early digital cameras, analog cameras, old web archives, plur culture, stuffed animals, chaos theory, random number generators... and more you can probably find around here!!!

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